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Drive Electric Maine

Drive Electric Maine is a coalition of public and private partners whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles and expand charging infrastructure across Maine through education and engagement.


Drive Electric Maine is a

participating partner in the

Drive Electric USA program.

Driving Electric

Learn more about driving electric in Maine

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Benefits of Driving Electric

Driving an EV in Maine costs approximately half as much as a combustion engine counterpart. Find out how much you might save with the Alternative Fuels Data Center Vehicle Cost Calculator. 

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Find a Charging Station

Maine has over 475 charging station locations and 1,070 charging ports. 

Find one near you using the Alternative Fuels Data Center Station Locator Map.

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Electric Vehicle Incentives

The Alternative Fuels Data Center keeps an updated list of all Maine's EV laws and incentives. 

Electric Car

Stay Informed About Drive Electric Maine

Receive the latest news and information regarding electric vehicles in Maine.

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