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Drive Electric Maine

Our most recent meeting was on June 15th. Click the link below to watch the Zoom recording.


Screenshot 2023-06-28 093210.png

Recording of DEM Meeting:

The recording can be viewed here. Passcode: xdPa3j#d

Meeting Summary:


Maine Clean Communities Program Updates: 

  • Upcoming Goals:

    • Marine Electrification Project in Casco Bay ​

    • Expansion of DEM (potentially new chapters)

    • Updating Strategic Planning Processes

    • Alternative Fuel Workforce and Safety Training

EPA Clean School Bus Program with VEIC

  • What is VEIC?

    • Non-profit consulting company working in efficiency to decarbonize and find solutions that are scaleable and best for the community​

  • Fleet Analysis of Implementing Electric School Buses

    • 50% reduction in fuel costs​

    • Virtually no maintenance

    • Deemed a successful pilot test and the school system is expanding the fleet

    • 13 schools were awarded funding for 32 electric buses

EVGO Partnership

  • Citing places for EV chargers, installing 8 DC Fast Chargers soon

  • East End Community School recently received 4 plugs

  • Overall goal of the initiative is to create accessible charging


  • Working on planning and evaluating medium and heavy-duty vehicle charging along the i-95 corridor from Jersey to Georgia

  • FEaST project: Freight Electrification as a Service for Transformation

  • Mass Fleet Advisor- free assistance to commercial and non-profit vehicle fleets to prepare for electrification

EV Workforce Development

  • Training is needed across industries from maintenance to first responders

  • Advanced Vehicle Training Group is offering trainings for people to learn about best practices for responding to an EV crash

  • Providing resources to make EVs safer


Drive Electric Maine is a coalition of public and private stakeholders whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles and the expansion of charging infrastructure throughout Maine. We meet quarterly to discuss EV infrastructure development with a focus on advocacy. Sign up below to join!

Archive of DEM Meetings

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Drive Electric Maine Sign-Up

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