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ReVision Energy

ReVision Energy is, at its heart, driven to wean people off fossil fuels. Providing electricity for employees, customers, and even the general public, is not only good for our business but also critical for the health of the planet.


The cost of electricity has been low compared to other forms of energy, but with current gas prices, drivers save $3 per gallon. This means we are giving our employees a raise and reducing carbon at the same time,


We are in the process of converting all our fleet vehicles to plug in electrics and currently have 8 or so light duty Chevy Bolts in our sales staff rotation.  In fact we have seen many employees buy personal plug in vehicles and we constantly expand our number of ports at our branch locations. We provide basic charging that allows anyone to charge. 


In South Portland, I've talked to Uber drivers and  other folks who come to ReVision just to charge during their lunchtime.  We have created an electric vehicle ecosystem by putting in workplace chargers at all our branches! 

Barry Woods: 

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